Are we a match?

How to Choose a Realtor

Hi! You must be thinking about a move and trying to figure out how to find the right agent. I've got a few tips for you to use when interviewing agents, because while I am great at what I do, but we need to find out if I am the right agent for YOU.


First, look through an agent's reviews. If they have solid reviews, ask a series of questions:


If you are buying, ask questions about how they narrow locations down for their clients, their strategies for getting offers accepted in a market where buyers are often up against multiple offers, how much time and money you should expect to invest into the process, and who is on their team (mortgage officer, title company, ect). If you are a first-time homebuyer, it is critical that you ask about their communication and education plan for newbies (it can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be).


If you are selling, ask about their strategy for pricing and marketing your home, the type of buyer they expect your home to attract, what you should expect during the three stages of negotiations (offer acceptance, inspection, appraisal), and how they determine the best offer for your home (purchase price is not always the most important factor).


All real estate clients should pay attention to how well an agent listens to their answers and if they remember and are able to refer back to motivation points that are mentioned (for example: A child needs specific services at school--school district, you want a place to garden--yard with sunny spot, you lean toward depression in the winter--east and west facing windows ideal). 


In short, don't be afraid to shop for your agent. This is a massive undertaking and one of the biggest investments of your life: do not settle for anything less than top tier service.


I provide excellent communication, understanding of the nuances of competition and negotiations, and put my clients' needs first; I've got the essential skills and now we just need to discover if we are a match.


Let's have coffee or schedule a zoom and find out.